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Serverless career Vs Machine Learning

In my country, we now have 02 Technical AWS Heroes (Serverless and Machine Learning), and this is really good for the diversity... but there is a small problem I need to fix. During some of our local AWS meetups or even offline, some of our members have been reaching out to me as they are confused about which to follow, especially when they hear the value proposition of both the Serverless and the Machine Learning paths, and they all look very attractive. They want to know which to choose. It is for this reason, I decided to write this article, to discuss it openly,

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How to Become an AWS Hero

It was on a Friday evening, and all of a sudden, I was receiving many notifications from Twitter on my phone, within a very short time interval. It was unusual, to see many people starting to follow me within a couple of seconds or minutes. So it is when I checked that I saw the tweet from AWS which mentioned I had been nominated as a Machine Learning Hero. And then I saw myself as part of the list of the new AWS Heroes for that batch-The first Machine Learning Hero in Sub-Saharan Africa, and currently one out of about 34 in the world. What is common amongst Heroes of a

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How I passed the AWS Machine Learning Specialty Exam

I wrote the AWS Machine Learning Specialty Exam last week and passed. I am just 1 year into the AWS Cloud and this is my first ever AWS exam. So if you are new to AWS and considering taking this certification then this article will give you some tips on how to go about preparing for the exam. Remember as a Specialty exam, it is not an easy exam to pass, as it tests both your Machine Learning and AWS knowledge. And it is for this same reason (this blend of skills), that I was attracted to taking the certification. Therefore I could not wait to just go straight for it wit

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Building a Land Price Prediction Machine Learning app with Python and AWS Sagemaker – (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this article we successfully scraped the data we needed and in this Part 2 we are going to move on to the next steps in the Machine Learning Cycle, which is Exploratory Data Analysis. The full code on Github and the scraped dataset for this Part 2 can be found here. Let's dive straight with the exploratory data analysis. What to Expect from Exploratory Data Analysis There is some confusion out there whether to split the test and training dataset before doing EDA or not.I would say the problem comes when you go into too much detail during your EDA.

Project Portfolio

Building a Land Price Prediction Machine Learning app with Python and AWS Sagemaker – (Part 1)

Currently, I am preparing to sit in for the AWS Machine Learning Speciality Exam, and I know for such exams, the best way to prepare is to go quickly through the concepts (inhaling) and start building projects (exhaling). So I have decided to build a machine learning app using Python and AWS Sagemaker , which will predict land prices based on the specified neighborhood and the size of land required ,as inputs to the model. The goal is to use this project so together we walk through the machine learning lifecycle and also introduce you to the powerhouse of machine l