MS Excel is a very powerful data analysis tool and used by almost all companies( big or small) in daily functioning. With a rich bank of formulae and functions, such as pivot tables, charts and scenario analysis, coupled with the aspect that it is easy to share your excel with other co-workers, Excel is the best tool for Data Analysts to master to be proficient in their role. This course will be provided at Griotys Academy, a Professional training and certification center for digital professions in Cameroon. 

For Chief Marketing Officers, for example, to create new marketing actions, they rely heavily on the insights produced by data analysts. The data analyst informs them on who they should be marketing their initiatives to and in what form. Data allows marketers to create targeted campaigns, make informed decisions and invest their budget wisely, thus leading to increase in ROI

The data analyst plays a very key and interesting role as help companies save on costs, make faster decisions and enhance product development. In summary, they are the eyes and ears of the company. And therefore, companies are currently looking for employees with strong skills in collecting data, cleaning, analyzing data, data visualization and making recommendations to help drive the company in the right direction. So, they need Data Analysts who can be fast to analyse data and provide practical decision support. And that is where mastering MS Excel is inevitable for Data Analysts.

What are the objectives of this course?

The following objectives will be obtained upon completion of this course:

  1. Understand what data analysis is all about.
  2. Learn the basics of Excel.
  3. Create your own formulae in Excel.
  4. Confidently use the most crucial excel functions and techniques for analysis
  5. Correctly use the most appropriate charts in Excel.
  6. Learn to work with massive amounts of data and multiple worksheets.
  7. Master how to perform data analysis by creating multiple projects.
  8. Master key Excel shortcuts and their application in Data Analysis.
  9. Understand how to think out of the box to create great Excel projects.
  10. Knowledge of other Data Analysis tools and Their pros and cons.


275 000 FCFA

  • 25 000 FCFA

  • 250 000 FCFA, 2 Installments

  • Certification Training

  • 48 Hours

  • English & French

The Most Recent Data Analyst Jobs

We see a lot of Data Analyst job vacancies being published everyday. It therefore is a huge opportunity for youths looking to land a job, and also for those already currently employed who, since the course is 80% practice and only 20%
theory, a mastery of Excel gives a huge boost to almost all careers, not only data analyst careers.

La Cible de la Formation

  • This training is mainly for the following profiles:

Entrepreneurs: Who want to master excel and also learn how to support their decisions with data.

  • Students: Data Analysis and Excel to help facilitate their entry into the job market after their graduation.
  • Young Data Analysts and Business Analysts: Who want to greatly increase their skills.
  • Unemployed and job-seekers: Who have at least A-level and to optimize their knowledge in Data Analysis and Excel in order to facilitate their job search.
  • Everyone interested in Data Analysis and Excel


Upon completion of the course, the candidate could easily apply to the following job titles, which are in need of the skills acquired in the course

  1. Data Analyst
  2. Business Intelligence Analyst
  3. Data Scientist
  4. Marketing Analyst
  5. Operations Analyst
  6. Data Analytics Consultant Analyst
  7. Project Manager
  8. Financial Analyst

Course Content

This course DATA ANALYSIS WITH EXCEL will be covered in 4 main modules, with lot of practicals, in 12 training sessions, each session lasting 3 hours with a total of 36 hours.

Basics of Excel

A quick introduction of Excel, its basic formulae and main functions crucial for data analysis

Analyzing Massive Data and Multiple Worksheets:

With increase in data, most of the time the Data Analyst will have to deal data coming from many different worksheets and with each worksheet containing massive amount of data. This module teaches techniques and tips to be able to analyse
that data and come up with grate insights from them.

Creating Charts

A picture is wort a thousand words. This module teaches how to determine which visualization to use for each specific dataset and context. Creating visually appealing charts in a good way to start preparing that PowerPoint presentation

Building Models for Business Cases

Evaluating the Return On Investment (ROI) before the launch of a launching of a new product or a new promotion is usually the order of the Data Analyst. The ability to build a business model, such as a revenue model that evaluates the
profitability of new proposed business actions is a focus of this module.

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